BLACK FERN Unique 18k Dark Sterling Silver Wrap Around Ring


BLACK FERN uniquely shaped ring that wraps around your finger. Handcrafted using Oxidized Sterling Silver. This Nature inspired collection is based on the round leafed Button fern, a decorative plant whose unique beauty has always fascinated me.

Width: Front 26 mm & Back 12 mm.

Jewelry is made with finishing techniques that can vary from piece to piece. Since they are handmade, variation in the finished piece can be expected and it may not be exactly the same as what is shown in the photo.

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4 (US), 4.5 (US), 5 (US), 5.5 (US), 6 (US), 6.5 (US), 7 (US), 7.5 (US), 8 (US), 8.5 (US), 9 (US), 9.5 (US), 10 (US), 10.5 (US), 11 (US), 11.5 (US), 12 (US), 12.5 (US), 13 (US), 13.5 (US), 14 (US), 14.5 (US), 15 (US)

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