HONU Rhodium Plated Silver Turtle Heart shaped Pendant for Him or for Her


HONU heart shaped turtle pendant. Unique Handmade Rhodium plated Matte Sterling Silver necklace based on traditional Polynesian cultural motifs. Double sided filigree lets the light shine through for a spectacular effect. In Maori mythology, Honu (turtle) represents the queen of the oceans, a sacred animal symbolizing wisdom, maturity, long life, peace and strength. Honu Mana, the ancestral power of sea turtles. Modern Tribal Collection. Amulet Jewelry for HIM that she´ll make HERS.

Pendant: L 43 mm x W 28 mm.

Jewelry is made with finishing techniques that can vary from piece to piece. Since they are handmade, variation in the finished piece can be expected and it may not be exactly the same as what is shown in the photo.

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Necklace size

40cm (16in), 45cm (18in), 50cm (20in)

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