I’d like to welcome you to my new website Alex de Haro Jewelry, where I not only show part of my work but also open the doors of my “house” (mi casa) so that it can be yours.  It’s not just a web about jewelry and to sell jewelry as my restless character has always led me to experiment with different disciplines such as making short films, screenwriting, t-shirt printing as well as illustration, traveling or collaborating with other artists and artisans. 

My career as a jeweler can be described as more of an adventure, similar to the waterfalls of a torrential mountain stream rather than a placidly flowing river. That’s why I’d also like my website to be more of a meeting point for exchanging ideas, a laboratory for experimentation with all kinds of artists- musicians, philosophers, coaches, painters, ceramists, fashion designers, people from the world of dance and the audiovisual world, collaborations with other jewelers-, being able to bring together different elements and transmit them in this space.

After all, design is a reflection of everything that influences and happens to us, enriching us at an unconscious level and in my case, becoming conscious and materializing itself in the form of jewelry.

Once again welcome to what, from now on, is also your home.


Àlex De Haro

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