The origins of ornamentation are intimately related to the origin of human beings. Since time immemorial and with different intentions, humans have had the need to adorn their body. Ornaments are signs of communication that hold magical symbolism or social status. Ethnic inspirations awaken particular and ancestral emotions within me.

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Babylon Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection is inspired by a holistic duality with two necessary contrasting parts, black and white- without darkness there wouldn’t be light and vice verse! Inspired in ancient Babylonian culture, these pieces embody ethnic influences with a modern twist, perfectly suited for the woman of today.

Oxidized and White Sterling silver/18k gold/Gemstones (ruby, sapphire or amethyst)


Honu Mana, Tiaki and Mahina La sterling silver jewelry collection is inspired in tattoos originating from Polynesian cultures whose symbolism is reflected in the three series Honu, Tiaki and Mahina Lá. Amulet Jewelry for HIM that she´ll make HERS!

Honu (turtle); in Maori mythology, it represents the queen of the oceans, the shadow of the gods. A sacred animal, symbolizing wisdom, maturity, long life, peace and strength. Guide and protector of ancient seafarers, Honu neutralizes the enemy by confining their image in its hard shell, where their face can clearly be seen. For the person who wears Honu, it symbolizes a talisman against adversity and connects you to ancestral humanitarian values.

Tiaki; symbol of protection. Three fingers represent the balance between heaven and earth. The fish hook and water symbolize wealth and abundance.

Mahina Lá; encompasses the sun and moon’s energy. The light that creates happiness. The union of opposites, the impossible becoming possible.
It also symbolizes eternity and positivity. The figure of the lizard represents life and good luck.

The pieces can be customized for the type of finish (Oxidized Black, Polished, Earth toned or Rhodium plated), the option to include gemstones (sapphire, ruby or peridot), and strap/chord color.

Sterling silver/18k Gold/ Sapphire, ruby or peridot/ Leather


The main element is made of a square sterling silver plaque, filled with evenly distributed studs, reminiscent of a piece of armor. The collection is inspired in Karuta, the armor worn by Samurai warriors. It’s a symbolic reflection of protection and strength. Modern Ethnic-inspired Amulet Jewelry.


The Senegal Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection is a tribute to Senegal and its peoples. It was inspired by my trip to Senegal, a country filled with beautiful landscapes and welcoming people.

A smile or kind word was never denied in spite of the hardships of life. Just like Senegal´s inhabitants, the beauty of these pieces lies in its simultaneously strong and slender appearance.

It´s both modern and ethnic, and its bold line acquires a life of its own when worn.

Oxidized Sterling Silver /18k Gold



Barcelona, the Catalan architect Gaudí and Art Nouveau are intimately linked. Iron forged staircases and doors, the historic city, buildings, terraces, the sea, beach… they are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Barcelona, ​​the cultural capital of the Mediterranean, is how we inhabitants like to refer to our beautiful city.

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The Forja Sterling Silver Jewelry collection is inspired by the wrought iron balconies that you find all over Barcelona! Wrought iron works (Forja) is a classic example of the Modernist (Art Nouveau) period in Barcelona. Art nouveau designers eliminated the barrier between fine arts and applied arts, and introduced good design to all aspects of living – from architecture to silverware to painting.

White or Oxidized Sterling Silver/18k Gold/ Beveled or Cabochon Gemstone (Sapphire, Amethyst, Tourmaline, London Blue Topaz) for rings and earrings or Amethyst or Kyanite for Pendants.



In Art Nouveau (Modernista Movement) forged iron was widely used and is an inspiration for the forms made in this collection. I took a fine silver strip and carefully curved it with rounded pincers to shape the delicate rose, interspersing them to form the principal motif of this series. The textures are an abstraction of forged metal, stone and airiness. From Barcelona, home of Art Nouveau to you!

Sterling Silver /18k Gold/ Gemstones


Nets Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection is inspired by the lobster trap nets used in the Mediterranean. Transparency, volume and the beauty of fine cords of the net embellished with the encrusted barnacles, represented by rubies or sapphires. The set can be in either white or oxidized black sterling silver.

Oxidized Sterling Silver /18k Gold-plated sterling silver/ Blue pigment



Art and nature have always been concepts linked to human beings. Paleolithic men represented nature as something symbolic and magical. From a classical point of view, art has always sought to imitate/reproduce it. Nature has also been a source of inspiration and joy.

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Each year, the deciduous trees renew their leaves, losing their foliage with the arrival of autumn. In this period of cold and waning sunlight, they go into a resting period withdrawing sap and chlorophyll from their leaves resulting in a netted pattern of leaf veins.

The Autumn collection, made of sterling silver and pigment or 18 kt gold captures the tones of these dry leaves, with the gemstone accents reflecting the remaining drops of sap or dew.



The Fern Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection features stunning statement pieces in sterling silver with 18K gold. It is specifically inspired by a kind of round leaf fern known as the Button fern (pellaea rotundifolia).

This collection comes in four finishes:

– The Black Fern collection, with round leaves progressively decreasing in size has an oxidized sterling silver finish accented with an 18kt gold orb.

– The 18kt gold gilt sterling silver fern collection.

– The Stone fern is the same Gilt collection accented with precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds or diamonds.

– The Round Gilt Fern collection is influenced by the laurel wreaths worn in Ancient Greece symbolizing triumphs and achievements.



The Grass Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection features delicately textured oxidized or 18k gold plated sterling silver bangles or rings, set with amethysts or rubies. Simple in design, this modern and minimalist series bases its charm and elegance on its texture and lightness. The delicate surface simulates leaves of grass.

Features oxidized sterling silver, lacquered white sterling silver, 18k Gold-plated sterling silver, Amethyst, Rhodolite, Topaz, or Green Tourmaline.



Artisanal pieces that are always a celebration of spring with a delicate yet strong three dimensional effect. A modern twist on a classic Art Nouveau motif! The pieces can be customized to be oxidised sterling silver or white sterling silver (matte or polished). The 3 stamens peeping out of the flower bud are 18k gold.



Greek philosophers have debated the origin and nature of fossils since the sixth century B.C . Fossilized remains of mollusks and other sea creatures appeared in the layers of earth and in quarries, far away from the sea.

The Fossil collection is a tribute to Greco-Roman jewelry – the motifs, shapes and colors are inspired in jewels from Classical Greece and Rome. Snails and other fossilized remains are laid over sterling silver in blue, green and purple tones with gold accents that make the piece glow.

Sterling silver, 18k gold and pigments


Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Jewelry collection is inspired by nature. Streaks of lapis lazuli and graphite standing out from the rocky walls of rugged mountains slopes. And these rocky veined textures are what is reflected as a background for the profound blue or serene gray tones of the stones chosen for this collection.

Known as the sapphire of the ancients, Lapis lazuli has been valued since ancient times for its intense color. At the end of the middle ages, it was exported to Europe where it was ground and turned into ultramarine, one of finest and most expensive blue pigments. The most famous artists during the Renaissance and Baroque periods used it in their paintings, reserving it for the most important figure in the piece, usually the Virgin Mary.

Graphite, is actually literally a diamond in the rough! The name derived from the Greek word “graphein” (to write) is known as the writing stone…Pieces to write your own destiny!



The Nature Sterling Silver Jewelry collection reflects the veined vascular tissue of leaves from a plant. Or are they butterfly wings?

The aim was to create a beautiful aesthetic based on a delicately patterned filigree with airiness and transparency. The colored pigments add life and vitality – a symbolic representation of what nature gives to us.



Loves me…Loves me not…the uncertainty of love is the inspiration for this collection. The moveable gemstones swivel like colorful petals that have been plucked from the flower and fly free in the wind…

Sterling silver/ 18kgold/ Amethyst, citrine, or topaz.



Dew is created when the humidity in air condenses into drops because of a sudden decrease in temperature or contact with cold surfaces. The collection represents this phenomenon – silver branches on which a large glistening dew drop has fallen.


Sea grapes

Inspired by the green algae known as Sea Grapes, Caulerpa Lentillifera, which look like a cluster of grapes, have a crunchy texture but taste peppery instead of sweet. The turquoise enamel and contrasting pearl symbolize their marine habitat.


Sea Skin

The Sea Skin Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection is made of sterling silver, 18k gold and pigments. The blue green colors remind us of distinct hues of the sea, colors that change depending on the daylight that’s reflected and the sea depth showing one tone or the other.

The texture of these pieces represent the choppy foamy sea surface, a fine layer of skin stemming from an enormous mass of water overflowing with life.



Inspired by tulips and various Modernist/Art Nouveau architectural features found in Barcelona. Wrought iron from the Palau de la Musica door, Gaudi’s Paseo de Gracia’s streetlamp, a wooden element from a Pedrera Chair…A representation of nature and  a wearable piece of urban structures characterizing the beautiful city of Barcelona, where art nouveau treasures can be found everywhere.

Oxidized and 18 kt gold gilt sterling silver, 18k gold accents.




Architecture has become part of our urban landscape for many centuries. Its function is to make life more pleasant and functional and reflects the way of being, feeling and societies’ needs in each era. Squares, buildings, stairs, windows, streets, forged iron and portals are a constant and endless source of inspiration.

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The Cordoba Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection is inspired by the Ancient Mosque of Córdoba, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can imagine beautiful Arabian women from the 8th century wearing them as adornment.

But its timeless design connects with modern times, as the elevation of the piece adds a contemporary edge. Beams of light go through the interweave of the pieces, creating a delicate pattern of shadows that will delight you as much as the jewelry does!

Bracelets can be worn together (gold plated silver and Rhodium bathed matte silver and bronze) for a spectacular effect! Oxidized, Matte, Polished and 18k Gold gilt Sterling Silver.


Gold Cushions

Tessellations are created using isometric copies of an initial figure. In other words, identical copies of one or several pieces are used to create figures to completely cover a surface area. It is from this technique that I developed three collections by taking the tessellation, giving it volume and welding it into a kind of cushion which is reminiscent of the style of the bombé furniture from 16th and 18th century France. In the Bombé collection, I decorated the tessellations with kiln-fired enamel. For the Opal Black Cushion collection, I changed enamel for an oxidized sterling silver finish with an 18 kt gold encircled opal. And finally, for the Gold cushion collection I utilized 18kt gold tessellation for the front and sterling silver for the back part of the piece.



East meets west. The Diabolo Sterling Silver Jewelry collection was inspired by the famous arches of the Spanish architect Gaudi and the Diabolo juggling toy.

Diabolo is a juggling toy that was invented in China during the Han dynasty in 300 A.D, although some say it already existed in the previous Chang dynasty, which would make it almost 4000 years old!

In keeping with the Asian inspirations from China and Japan, this collection combines circles and arches, representing the form of the diabolo or Chinese yo-yo. Movement and volume are decorated with the simple motif of Carp fish scales, which are typical in Japanese artistry and symbolize good luck and fortune.



It’s impossible to be from Barcelona and not be influenced by the work of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi and his innate sense of geometry and volume. The Fenetre Sterling Silver Jewelry collection is inspired by Antonio Gaudi and the windows of the Colónia Güell crypt. These striking windows are associated with drops of water and butterfly wings. The textures reflect Gaudi’s love of nature, resembling sand or other organic material.

White or Oxidized Sterling Silver/ Amethyst, citrine or topaz.



Glimpse Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection features modern triangle filigree collection in black sterling silver with 18k gold plated or blue pigmented interior.

The unique design teases the eye with colors that are “glimpsed” through the triangle filigree.

Perfect gift for Her! Casual yet elegant style that can be worn for all occasions.

Oxidized Sterling Silver, 18k Gold-plated sterling silver, Blue pigment.



In geometry an isosceles triangle is one that has two sides of equal longitude. In the Isosceles sterling silver jewelry collection I put a lot of effort in achieving the maximum possible aesthetic with the minimum of elements.

A work inspired in architecture combining two simple textured arches of differing thicknesses that sustain a triangular gemstone. I attempted an aesthetic purification or a synthesis of beauty which resulted in a modern piece that has a potent visual impact.



The Lattice Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection is inspired by the fantastic geometric creations that closed off windows and balconies to prevent being seen, but allows you to see and lets light and air penetrate…..

Celosia (Lattice in Spanish) comes from the Latin word Zelus, which means zeal, fervor, jealousy.

Maybe that’s why this word was used to represent the decorative architectural element so ever present in Spanish-Muslim art and architecture? This collection aims to reflect the mystery, functionality and beauty of celosia…



A prism is a type of polyhedron. This collection was inspired by the work of the artist Escher, with its regular divisions of the plane and repetition patterns. He imagined a futuristic city with buildings full of polyhedrons that reflect light, seeking balance and symmetry, creating a tessellation.

Polyhedron comes from the Greek word and means many faces. All faces of a polyhedron are polygons.




The use of natural fibers such as linen, hemp, cotton, wool, silk or leather are very common in artisanal jewelry and even more so in the inspiration of jewelry design. There are even special techniques to transform fabric into silver and gold. What contemporary jeweler hasn´t been inspired or made use of these elements in their pieces?

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This handmade collection brings out the delicateness of the person wearing it due to the contrasts of color and its bold design. Bombe was inspired by Tessellations – these shapes are created using isometric duplicates of an initial figure. In other words, identical copies of one or several pieces are used to create patterns that completely cover a surface area. The tessellation technique is used to give the piece volume and in addition, I welded it into a kind of cushion which is reminiscent of the bombe furniture style from 16th and 18th century France. Tessellation is widely applied to fabrics to make unique designs. The Bombe pieces are also decorated with ombre kiln-fired enamel which makes this collection a spectacular  combination of form and color!

Sterling Silver, Kiln fired enamel.


Lace & Opals

The Lace & Opal sterling silver jewelry collection was inspired by memories of my grandmother making fine lace articles near the fireplace during the cold winter months in her village. The special filigree design, in spite of being discreet, enhances the femininity of a woman. Polished and oxidized sterling silver are combined with an 18k gold encircled Australian opal that, depending on the angle of light, reflects a bluish tone tinged with green, white and turquoise.


Colored Lace

Memories of my grandmother making lace articles near the fireplace during the cold winter months in her village were the spark of this collection. The textured sterling silver emulates her work with colored wool, always beautiful and unique!



The Kimono Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection was inspired by the traditional Japanese dress, which in ancient times was made out of rustic material. Under the influence of Chinese and Korean culture, silk was introduced turning the Kimono into a sumptuous garment.

I was intrigued by the subdivisions and composition of the different print motifs found in Japanese fabrics. This combination of motifs is what is being reflected in this collection, giving volume and movement to the form so as to draw attention to the details of the patterns they contain.

kimono-collection-contemporany-jewelry-alex-de-haro-bcn-spain-3 kimono-collection-contemporany-jewelry-alex-de-haro-bcn-spainkimono-collection-contemporany-jewelry-alex-de-haro-bcn-spain-2



I view cosmic energy as a symbol of transcendence or creation and releasing the mystical power within you. In my work, this presence is manifested by the properties of precious stones and other jewels as well as the concept of amulet jewelry.

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The Orbit collection is inspired by the trajectory that describes one physical object around another while it is under the influence of a central force, such as gravity. In this case, the opal- known for its ability to bring one’s traits and characteristics to the surface for examination and transformation- orbits around the rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love. The coordinates of the movement are represented by the small orbs. The message is clear-transformation based on unconditional love!



The Orion Sterling Silver Jewelry collection is inspired by the constellation Orion’s belt. It is made with a technique called acid etching which enabled me to create a spontaneous relief of lines with the aim of making a map showing the constellations where you could see the three stars in Orion’s belt.

These are also known as the Three Marys or the Three Kings and are represented by three 18k gold shapes filled with kiln fired enamel.



A special mention to:

Carles Puig

Carles Cuscó

Marco Antonio

Mir Esteba

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