I’m Álex de Haro

Contemporary jeweler

For me, jewelry is the external expression of the beauty and harmony we feel within ourselves, our soul, giving character and personality to the person who identifies with the jewelry they´ve chosen. My goal is for each piece to convey authenticity and connect with the most sublime part of our nature. My work is artisanal, hand crafted, and made of sterling silver, 18k gold, gemstones, pearls, kiln fired enamel, and other materials.

❛❛  Jewelry –  Adorning the soul  ❜❜

Architecture, sculpture, industrial design were disciplines that I liked. However, it was the travelling and the fact that my parents are artisans – my father a silversmith and my mother specializing in kiln glazed enamel work – that provided me with inspiration and direct contact with metals. All this created conditions that led me to the design and creation of jewelry as a way of life.

All in a day’s work

Making new friends in Senegal

I have always been fascinated by structures, spaces, nature and the essence of places and I realized at a young age that jewelry could be created with my own hands to reflect almost any shape that I could imagine.

When I was 19 my sole focus was to travel, get to know exotic places and experience thrilling adventures. And that’s when I started my wandering, first to Colombia and Brazil, and then to China, Mongolia, Russia and Africa as well as other places in Europe.

These trips became rites of passage to self-knowledge, which led me to open my perspective of the world at both a human and spiritual level.

In 1993, at the age of 23, together with my sister, we initiated the family business Haro Bosch specializing in contemporary jewelry. In 2009 I started my own company Alex de Haro. My work is sold in Spain and has also been commercialized in Portugal, the United States and Japan. I have participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Barcelos, (Portugal) Barcelona and Madrid.

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